Toledo Cathedral

Toledo Cathedral
The Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo, also called Primate Cathedral of Toledo, Spain, seat of the Archdiocese of Toledo, is one of the three 13th century High Gothic cathedrals in Spain and is considered to be the magnum opus of the Gothic style in Spain.

It was begun in 1226 during the reign of Ferdinand III and the last Gothic contributions were made in the 15th century when, in 1493, the vaults of the central nave were finished, during the times of the Catholic Monarchs. It was modeled after Bourges Cathedral, although its five naves plan is the consequence of the constructors' intention to cover all of the sacred space of the former city mosque with the cathedral, and of the former sahn with the cloister. It also combines some characteristics of the Mudéjar style, mainly in the cloister, and with the presence of multifoiled arches in the triforium. The spectacular incorporation of light and the structural achievements of the ambulatory vaults are some of its more remarkable aspects. It is built with white stone from Olihuelas, close to Toledo.

It is popularly known as Dives Toletana (in the sense of the rich Toledan).

Visit Information
 Address: Plaza Ayuntamiento, s/n - 45002 TOLEDO
 Phone: +34 925 222 241
 Opening Time: Monday to Saturday: 10.30 - 18.30 h
Sundays and Holidays: 14.00 - 18.00 h
 Tickets:  6 €

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Toledo Cathedral

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