Zocodover Square

Zocodover Square
Plaza de Zocodover (Zocodover Square) is the main square of Toledo, and its very heart. It was the ancient Arabian market (zocodover means "place of animals"). It's an ideal place to take a break after visiting the Alcazar or the Cathedral and also a hub for catching the bus or riding a tourist train or just take a seat a watch the life goes by...
This square is near the highest point of the old city, in the north-east corner, just a few metres from the Alcazar. There are a number of cafes, and the buildings above appear to be mainly offices.

Traditional markets, such as the famous "Martes" (Tuesday market) still take place in this square. Great bullfights, fiestas and macabre executions have also taken place here. During the Muslim era this was the location of the old cattle market ("Tulaytula") built on top of the ruins of the Roman wall.

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Zocodover Square

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