Church of Los Jesuitas

Church of Los Jesuitas
You'll find the Iglesia de San Idelfonso close to the Palacio de Lorenzana. It's also known as the Jesuits' church because it was built by this religious order and as "San Juan Bautista" because it used to be the parish church of St. John the Baptist. It is Baroque in style. Construction commenced in 1628 and took 90 years to complete. The best feature is the facade which is flanked by towers on two sides. In 1767, King Charles III expelled the Jesuits from Spain and they therefore had to forfeit this church although it was returned to them in 1937.
At present the church only opens during services. Mass times: Spring and summer: 8p and 9p M-F, 9a, 8p and 9p Sa, 9a, 11:30a, 12:30p, 8p and 9p Su (except July & August), 8:30p and 9:30p Su in July & August, Autumn & winter: 9a, 7:30p & 8:30p M-Sa, 9a, 11:30a, 12:30p, 7:30p & 8:30p Su.

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Church of Los Jesuitas

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